Industrial Design and CFD Fluidynamics AnalysisCFD Industria S.r.l.
Leaders in Computational Fluidynamics
CFD Progetti provides high level consultancy services in the field of numerical simulation to assist product development, testing and optimization processes. We acquired skills in Gas Turbines, Hydraulic Turbines, Incineration Systems, Burners and Combustion Chambers, Industrial Boilers, Combustion Flares, Industrial Valves, External Aerodynamics and more.
We offer services for Computational Thermofluid Dynamics for wide range of applications, ThermoStructural FEM analysis, Combustion analysis with evaluation of pollutants emissions, Thermomechanical Failure Analysis, Tools and Design Methodologies Development, Design Practice Definition, Design Review with Models and Procedure Certification, Fluid Network Design.
Industrial Design and CFD Fluidynamics AnalysisOur design softwares
For Being Always at the Cutting Edge of Technology
CFD Progetti uses best computational softwares available in the market for performing design activities and for suiting Client's demands. Among our main tools we cite ANSYS (Mechanical Analysis) and ANSYS Fluent (Fluidynamic Analysis), Numeca (Turbomachinery), ANSA Beta CAE (Multi-Disciplinary Pre-Processing), OpenFOAM (Continuum Mechanics), DAKOTA (Iterative Analysis Methods).
Computational Software