EnergyEngineering for Energy sector
Power generation industry is experiencing a revolutionary period: to the ever growing market requests, problems are arising regarding the reduced availability of raw materials and the very strict environmental laws. This is why they are always looking for an increased plant efficiency by researching the best configurations. Industries involved in power generation and the satellite ones are presently making use of the cutting-edge technology solutions in order to increase as much as possible the efficiency of their plants. At the same time they adopt a strategy based on sources differentiation, that is, designing plants fed by hot fluids, kinetic energy, and energy obtained by chemical reactions and light.

CFD Progetti makes its expertises in numerical-physical modeling available to the Customers for reducing times and costs of design, optimization and problem detection and solution. We are able to combine different multidisciplinary competences by means of computational tools that can be commercial or in-house, developed in order to study the peculiarites of the desired products. Based on its experts team and on expertises that have been increased and straightened by the long-time collaboration with leading industrial partners, the company is able to produce new solutions and to upgrade the old ones, to retrofit new technologies on already built plants, to study and modify single hardware components, and to make interventions on the production process, in accordance with safety and environmental laws.

Among the activities and the fields which CFD Progetti operates into, we remember the followings:

Civil and Industrial Boilers Design
Our technical staff is able to analyse different aspects of functioning conditions of these plants, among which:
Complete study of combustion process steams and soot distribution in large-size industrial boiler
Detailed study of the same distributions in flux recirculation regions;
Pressure losses evaluation;
Heat exchanger efficiency estimation
Radiative thermal fluxes computation
Fluidynamic malfunctionings detection and elimination
Evaluation of combustion process efficiency and of pollutant emissions into atmosphere

Incinerators Design
Among the activities which the company operates into we cite the followings:
Pressure losses and recovery thermal unit efficiency evaluation;
Industrial chimney verification
Combustion process simulation in different operating conditions
Fluidynamic design and validation of plant components, such as diverter and crossing ducts
Evaluation of solid particles residence time into the flue gas
Cooling panel design
Flue gas
Flux optimization

Turbine Condensers Design
The company has gained a deep experience in the design of steam turbine condensers. This kind of activity often requires mono/multiphase fluidynamic simulations in order to deal with evaporation-condensation phase change phenomenon. Among the activities where CFD Progetti has been involved we mention the followings:
Single components efficiency estimation (by-passes, spargers, tube beams, ecc.)
Thermo-mechanical validation
Study of the interaction between steam flux and internal plant components
Global performance verification
Failure analysis

Wind Turbine Design
Our staff is made by personnel able to treat fluidynamic and mechanical problems connected to wind turbine design. Classical and innovative blade profiles have been studied, in order to maximize the energy efficiency and to reduce mechanical stress and fatigue acting on the entire turbine structure. The gained know-how concerns both horizontal (HAWT) and vertical (VAWT) turbines. Tools available inside the company include both commercial and in-house softwares: the former typically apply the moving mesh approach, the latter the meshless technology.