CFD Engineering - Computational Fluidynamics CFD and Civil EngineeringWelcome to CFD Engineering
Consultancy and Integrated Design
CFD Engineering S.r.l. was founded in Genova in 2004 to provide multidisciplinary services in industrial consultancy and integrated design. The company layout is characterized by two qualified and competent distinct Divisions to meet any customer requirements faster.
CFD Engineering CFD Progetti provides high level consultancy services in the field of numerical simulation to assist product development, testing and optimization processes. We acquired skills in Gas Turbines, Hydraulic Turbines, Incineration Systems, Burners and Combustion Chambers, Industrial Boilers, Combustion Flares, Industrial Valves, External Aerodynamics and more.
CFD Ingegneria is involved in the Civil Engineering Field: its mission is to design any kind of industrial, civil and territorial action, mainly focusing on environment and energy aspects and on safety. It is able to deal with the entire development process, from the feasibility study, through the design, until the diagnostic.