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Consultancy and Integrated Design
CFD Engineering S.r.l. was founded in Genova in 2004 to provide multidisciplinary services in industrial consultancy and integrated design. The company layout is characterized by two qualified and competent distinct Divisions to meet any customer requirements faster.
CFD Progetti supplies top level engineering analysis in thermo-fluid dynamic and structural fields to support design, verification and optimization phases.
CFD Ingegneria sustains all industrial, civil and environmental interventions and initiatives with purposeful worthiness and effects on energy, environmental and safety from early stages of pre-feasibility investigation until design and diagnostic.
Use of modern design and analysis tools along with our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system provided by Swiss IAS Register (Lugano) ensures experienced and well-advanced team to our Customers. Several activities followed in the years and resulting acquired know-how let our Company gain high skills in project handling. In this frame we assist customer during all job phases, from preliminary studies to results interpretation, focusing our attention to technical decisions selection.

Industry Division
CFD Engineering CFD Progetti provides high level consultancy services in the field of numerical simulation to assist product development, testing and optimization processes. From 2004 we have been passionately and professionally committed to our work, demonstrating dedication to continual improvement and organizing ourselves to face the market more effectively. Our mission is to become a centre of excellence for the theoretical analysis, modeling and simulation of complex physical phenomena in the area of thermo-fluid dynamics and structures. Our staff is able to develop about 40000 hours of engineering work per year. About 30% of our employees have a postgraduate academic degree. This fact helped us to give our customers tailored solutions, optimizing modelistic approach, time and executive costs.
We have important industrial collaborations in the energy area and plants in general, where we gained considerable experience and we grew in competence involving different kind of plants fluid dynamics, thermical and structural design and optimization. We acquired skills in Gas Turbines, Hydraulic Turbines, Incineration Systems, Burners and Combustion Chambers, Industrial Boilers, Combustion Flares, Industrial Valves, External Aerodynamics and more.
CFD Engineering Industry Division offers its services as qualified technological partner not only for on-demand activities but also for more structured collaborations, providing to our customers multidisciplinary expertise in the field of design and engineering analysis aimed to improve the product.
We offer services for Computational Thermofluid Dynamics for wide range of applications, ThermoStructural FEM analysis, Combustion analysis with evaluation of pollutants emissions, Thermomechanical Failure Analysis, Tools and Design Methodologies Development, Design Practice Definition, Design Review with Models and Procedure Certification, Fluid Network Design.

Engineering Division
The CFD Ingegneria is involved in the Civil Engineering Field: its mission is to design any kind of industrial, civil and territorial action, mainly focusing on environment and energy aspects and on safety. It is able to deal with the entire development process, from the feasibility study, through the design, until the diagnostic.
4 are the main categories which services and activities developed by the company can be subdivided into:
1) Consulting and Design regarding both civil and industrial HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and electric plants;
2) Dedicated Consulting regarding all the techniques devoted to the energy saving (building energy certification, feasibility studies, technology redevelopment studies, definition of practical actions and both ecnonomic and technical evaluations regarding the energy field, renewable sources plants);
3) Fire Safety Consulting by means of two different approaches, a classic one based on statutes of limitations, and an innovative performance-based one which is carried out by advanced numerical simulations (studies of fire causes, development and behavior; people exodus planning in emergency conditions depending on buildings architecture and on logistics distribution; building structures check in presence of fires; domino effect analysis; fire risk analysis);
4) Predictive Diagnostic and Maintenance Planning based on the Infrared Thermography Technique; it enables the prevention of machinery out-of-orders, avoiding production process interruptions and saving costs of plant stopping.